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Kamakura Tour Guide

- Discover Kamakura Mystery -


  Enjoy our Standard Guide that is regularly offered and your Private Tour that is customized according to requests.

  Send your inquiry by Email or the Inquiry-Form down below.  We will send our offer by email as soon as possible.


   Standard Guide  


Standard Guide

  2 h tour of the most representative temples & shrines and other tourist spots around those places.

  Standard Guide is the basic guide that is recommended to those who come to Kamakura for the first time and who want to re-recognize the basics about Kamakura.


  If other groups request us for the same guide as your inquiry at the same time and date, they will join to the extent not to exceed 6 participants in total for that tour.


   Private Tour  


Trivate Tour

  It's a customized tour that you will enjoy variety of experiences in Kamakura.

  Sightseeing with more toursist spots than the Standard Guide will be arranged according to your inquiry.  It's also possible to make an Experience Based Tour combining sightseeing and activity that you can enjoy together with us.


  Kamakura is a small ancient city that is immediately surrounded by the sea and mountains.  We will provide various enjoyment making use of that unique characteristics.

Inquiry for reservation

  Send Email to with your message and some requests including tne number of people, the date & time desired etc. regardless of Standard Guide or Private Tour.

Open your mailer =>>


  If it's convenient for you to use the inquiry-form, use this inquiry-form instead of the e-mail.


  In case of Standard Guide, select the number of people and one Sightseeing course from 1 to 8 with the message for the date & time desired and other requests.   We will send our confirmation.


  If you are interested in Private Tour, select the number of people, one Sightseeing course from 1 to 8 or other places if any, and Activity you are interested in with the message for the date & time desired and other requests.  We will send our proposal.


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