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Most popular walk-routes


  These walk routes are recommended to those who come to Kamakura for the first time and to the repeat visitors who want to discover something more.

  Each route will take about 2 hours on foot, but it would be also good to use local transportation such as Enoden railway or bus depending on the destination.

  Google Map shows these walk routes on the initial display.  Check the other check box like "Stores & Tourist Spots", "Local train & bus" etc. for more information.


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Standard guide - Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

* Street is all flat, but there are stairways in Hachimangu.



Standard guide - The Great Buddha and Hasedera

* Street and grounds of The Great Buddha is basically flat, but there are up and down walk-way and stairways in Hasedera.



Standard guide - Houkokuji

* Street is all flat, but there are some slopes or stairways in Houkokuji.



Standard guide - Zeniarai Benten and Sasuke Inari

* There are steep slopes, stairwas and unpaved walk-way to the shrines and in the park.



Standard guide - Kita Kamakura

* Street is all flat, but there are some long stairways in the grounds of temples.



Standard guide - Nikaido

* Street is all flat, but there are some long stairways in the grounds of shrines and temples.



Standard guide - Seaside

* Street is a little up and down, and there are some stairways in the grounds of shrines and temples.



Standard guide - Ogigayatsu

* Street is almost flat, and there are a few up and down in grounds of temples.



Enlarge to see those locations & walk routes.

Check the check box Most Popular Walk-route.

Guide service

Private Tour - Discover Kamakura Mystery


  It's a customized tour for those who want to enjoy Kamakura life easily and quickly with a tour guide.

  This city is an old capital with no less than 150 historical temples and shrines.  It's also blessed with rich nature being surrounded by mountains and sea.  Living in such a popular resort, temple visit for Zen meditation, for example, marine sports and mountain hiking are not special things but part of my daily life.

  It's my pleasure to share such Kamakura life with overseas visitors.


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Private tour - Activity



  Feel free to send your requests and questions via eMail ( or Facebook message.  We will respond with some recommendation for you.


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