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Île Saint Louis サンルイ島 (Summary)




  Pâtisserie, Île Saint opened a homemade French confectionery store in Hahama in 1987.  We are grateful to local customers for loving our store since then.

  Our Kamakura store also offers those French sweets inherited from the Hayama store, macaroon, ice cream and a variety of seasonal cakes.


  We arranged showcase and shelves so that customers can enjoy seeing the display of our cakes, cookies and ice cream.


  Choose your favorite sweets.

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Traditional French Cakes and baked snacks, Ice cream etc.


There are various cakes, cookies and other baked items like croissant displayed in the store.  We will introduce some of them as follows.

Menu items as of Jun. 2017

Petit fours

Look like colorful jewelry.

Charlotte fraises

Two kinds of cream and plenty of strawberries on the fluffy cake.

Mousse chocolat

Chocolate mousse and the vanilla bavarois with plenty of almonds.

Chocolat Ceylon

Earl Gray bavarois in a chocolate mousse.

Charlotte chocolat

Chocolate cake wrapped in chocolate cream.


Cake made with white wine sauce and strawberry cream.

Cherry clafoutis

Ever popular items since our Hayama store opening. French cherry pie.

Saint Marc

One of the most traditional French cakes called King of sweets.

Tarte citron miel

Tart with meringue of Japan-grown lemon and honey.


French traditional sweets with syrup in the dough made with yeast. Also using Rum.



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visit kamakura storesvisit kamakura stores

- Whole and cut-piece for cakes.

(Depending on the items, but roughly at a range of \2,000 for a whole, around \400 for piece)


- Baked snacks are offered basically in a pack or by piece for some items.  Both French traditional sweets and our original items are popular.

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Île Saint Louis

13-26 Onari-machi Kamakura

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