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SAIRAM サイラム (Summary)




  We stick to using the naturally-cultivated vegetables and select the suppliers such as Natural Harmony.  We make the organic cake with rice syrup, maple syrup, and soy milk instead of milk, butter, and white sugar.

  We offer our foods in the buffet style so that customers can take what and how much they want. For-Here (eat-in) and To-Go are both available.

Official website for more information.



Vegetable foods of No-milk, No-meat, and No-alcohol for Vegans


Potage of Chinese cabbage
Burdock chips
Carrot and Ginger salad
Radish Cutlets
Field mustard dressed with Miso (soybean paste)
Beans croquette
Pumpkin Salad
Pasta of millet with Szechuan sauce
Curry with coconut flavor
Almond castilla (sponge cake)
Pound cake with chocolate banana
Soft Drinks: Grain coffee, Organic tea, Fruit juice, Strawberry juice ice cream float, etc.
Candies: Teramisu, Muffin, Cookie etc.

SAIRAM's special

SAIRAM's special French toast \1,800

SOYBEAN MILK CREAM and Vegan Ice cream

Served with a drink

Meal Sets

Set with low-protein brown rice and soup for additional \500
Set with bread and soup for additional \500

If you chose the buffet items like this, it will be;

200 g in total with the buffet items

-> (\450 x 2) plus \500 = \1,400

Official website for more menu items.



 Map & info 




SAIRAM Kamakura

20-11 Sakanoshita Kamakura, Kanagawa 2480021, Japan



Holiday: Wed. & Thu.


11:30 AM-6:00 PM (L.O.5:30 PM)

Winter (Nov-Mar): Close at 5:00 PM



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