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New German ニュージャーマン (Summary)




New German

  We opened New German as a Western cake maker in a home town of the rich nature, Kamakura in 1968.

  We are proud to be "master of delicious sweets" since our establishment. Thanks to customers, our signature item of "Kamakura Custar" and other pastries have been loved not only locally but all over the country as well for a long time.


  Various sweets are displayed for sale in the showcase.  All items delivered from our factory in Kamakura city are fresh.  Kamakura Custar and some items like cookies and baked sweets are sold by piece so that walkers can eat them in the middle of their Kamakura walk, or customer can take a short break at some tables in the store.  Some drinks such as coffee is available, too.


  Our store stands near the Kamakura station East Exit for your convenience.

  We sincerely look forward to your visit to Kamakura New German.



Kamakura Custar, Home made cookie, Baked sweets, Cake

as of July, 2017

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We released this custard cream sweets as the 15th anniversay item. We made it whit the motto "to offer good sweets at low price". Fortunately, it's counted as one of the ever popular Kamakura snacks, now.


* Eat Kamakura Custar while it's fresh.

* Exiration date 4 days after production date.

* Required to be refrigerated at home.

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With the ever popular custard made from domestic and Jersey milk.


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Cocoa-flavored sponge and chocolate cream custard inside.


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Custard with green tea flavor (Summer only).




Baked sweets with moderate sweetness of high quality butter and simple cookies are good for your tea time and gifts to your friends.

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Traditional German cookies with the rich taste.

Expiration date 30 days after production date.

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Traditional French baked sweeets made with cultured butter and almond pouder.

Expiration date 30 days after production date.

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Crispy baked snack with motif of the wild cherry leaves in Kamakura,

Expiration date 21 days after production date.


Kamakura New German's cakes have simple deliciousness of the ingredients without outstanding decorations.  That way has been loved by customers.

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Plain rolled cake with cream rolled in the same puff for Kamakura Custar.

Besides the regular roll cakes, those with the seasonal fruits are also available.

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One of the most popular items from the beginning of Kamakura New German.

* In addition to those popular items, more variety of sweets in each genre are offered. Custom-made or some seasonal cakes are also available.


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Kamakura Custar


1-5-2 Komachi Kamakura





Open 7 days a week

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