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LURE's ルアーズ (Summary)




Fresh seafood and good-old dishes

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  Since its opening in 1992, Lure's has been loved as a cozy-looking restaurant & bar in Zaimokuza, Kamakura. 

  We are proud of our fresh fish and will continue to offer delicious dishes and drinks in the original style.

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  Overseas customers are most welcome.   However, I don't have confidence in the communication in other languages than Japanese.


 If you are patient for my poor 2nd language, it would be highly appreciated.



Lunch time menu

- Mon. to Fri. lunch time only

- Menu items are to be changed daily and seasonally

- Coffee at \200 and Wine at \300 are available with lunch foods

 One day in Jan. 2017

Tax NOT included

Home made Ground Meat Cutlet


Served with soup and steamed rice

Grilled Chiken


Served with soup and steamed rice

Pork Saute


Served with soup and steamed rice

king Crab Cream Croquette


Served with soup and steamed rice

Chicken and Mushroom Curry


Pork Cutlet Curry



Bar time menu 

- Mon. to Fri. 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. only

- Combination of one drink and one food is available for \680 (tax excluded).


 Choose one

 Heineken Draft Beer

 Glass of Wine

 Lemon Sour

 Oolong tea Highball


 Choose one

 Fried Chiken

 Chiken Cutlet

 Pork Cutlet



  Besides the above value-set items, other A la carte items and a variety of drinks such as wine, beer, and liquor are also available and introduced in the menu on site.


 Map & info 





3-1-15 Zaimokuza, Kamakura


(Lunch) Noon - 2:30p.m.

(Dinner) 6:00p.m. - 11:00p.m.

Holiday: Thursday

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