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Kuriyum クリヤム (Summary)


= Note =

Kuriyum's Thai restaurant in Hase opens until the end of September and will move to Onari area 御成 near Kamakura Station in mid-October, 2018.




  "kuriyum" is a restaurant offering the Thai foods.

  Thailand is surrounded by a rich array of nature with ocean and mountains.  They still keep the local production for the local consumption.

   We opened our restaurant November, 2009 here in Kamakura based on our dream of serving Thai dishes with the locally-grown vegetables and fishes of Kamakura that is aslo full of nature.


  It's good for health because they contains a variety of herbs and spices.


Coriander (Cilantro): Detoxification

Lemon glass: Stress reduction, Skin conditioning

Bai makrut: Healthy digestion, Relaxing effect

Gaprao: Defervescence, Antiseptic effect

Red pepper,Brick-spice: Dieting effect


= Please Note =

  If you refrain from bringing stroller and foods for your baby in the restaurant, it would be highly appreciated.

Official website for more information.



Good herb and Kamakura vegetables | Green Curry, Thai omelet, Tom yum goon


Menu as of Mar. 2016

Lunch Combo


* Choose one from these dishes.  Each is served with a piece of Raw Spring Roll and some seasonal vegetables.
Stir Fried Chicken & Basil with Rice
Topped with a fried egg.
Green Curry with Chicken and Kamakura-grown vegetables
Enjoy the best mixture of spicy Curry and sweet Coconut milk.
Fried Noodle made of the rice (Rice vermicelli)
It's not spicy.
Steamed Chicken with Rice
Rice is steamed in the chicken soup.  Enjoy it with Thai sauce.


Raw Spring Roll

\400 (1pc)

Shrimp, chicken, egg and vegetables wrapped in a sheet of rice paper.  Enjoy it with the mild chili sauce.

Fried Pork with garlic

\780 (4pcs)

Pork meat ball fried with the garlic flavor.

Grilled Sausage

\600 (1pc)

Thai sausage made of Pork with some Herb mixed.  Enjoy it with Ginger, Red pepper and some Coriander (Cilantro).

Fish Cake

\780 (4pcs)

Deep-fried patty of fish paste.  We cook it with some Herb as a Thai style dish.

A La Carte (Dinner)



Omelet baked with Pork OR Kamakura-grown vegetables.  Enjoy it with Chili sauce.

Vermicelli Salad


Spicy and mild-warm Salad with some Shrimp and Squid.

Tom yum goong

\960 (S), \1,300 (L)

Spicy and sour soup of Prawn, Straw mushroom and Herbs such as Lemon glass etc.

Grilled Chicken

\900 (S), \1,400 (L)

Official website for more menu items.



 Map & info 





Saito bldg. 2f, 2-16-15 Hase Kamakura

Tel: 0467-25-1525


11:30 - 15:40(L.O. 15:00)


17:30 - 22:00 (L.O. 21:00)

Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday

Lunch only on Thursday

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