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Kozan 香山 (Summary)




"Enjoy tea while appreciating with your eyes."


 Kozan was opened as a place where customers can enjoy delicious tea and its process in the ancient city, Kamakura.


  I stick to the hand-picked tea leaves such as Castleton's FTGFOP.


  In addition, we use silver tea set so that it brings out the best performance of tea unlil the last drop.  Every piece of the silver set delights your eyes, too.

  It's my pleasure to welcome visitors from overseas.

  Some of our overseas customers come to Kozan to enjoy afternoon tea in a group.


  Remodeling my residence for Kozan, but don't hesitate entering with your shoes on.



Menu as of February, 2018

Tax is not included

English Tea

  Blended Ceylon-Uva tea with Assam.  It's perfect for morning tea and milk tea.

  How about the first cut, straight and the second cup with milk?

  If you put more sugar, you will be able to enjoy mildness with this tea.


La France

  Based on the rare leaves from Sri Lanka, it's arranged with the natural flavor of La France, Marigold petals and apple.


Earl Grey

  Flavored tea that is made by flavoring the precious Chinese tea leaves with bergamot.

  It goes well with milk and has the excellent flavor and rich taste.

  Remember that bergamot has tranquilizing effect, too.


In addition, these items are available.

Menu as of February, 2018

Green tea, Chai, and Apple Juice.


Wine and Beer.

it's also recommended to have them in silver cups.


Pastry such as our original pound cakes for the tea and daily curry for lunch.


 Map & info 





2-2-7 Hase, Kamakura

Phone: 070 4661 8751

- Hours -

10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Closed on Tuesday

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