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KASEIRO 華正樓 (Summary)




  KASEIRO has been offering the authentic Chinese over 70 years at Yokohama China Town and here in Kamakura. We are proud that we take special care to the ingredients and our cooks are all excellent to provide the real Beijing cuisine.

Our Kamakura store is known as a Chinese restaurant in the house that was originally a villa of a Kazoku (nobility).

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Peking duck, Shark fin soup, Geppei (Chinese cakes)



Menu as of May, 2016

Including Tax

Lunch course

\3,000 course

Four cold appetizers 四種類の前菜
Fried Shiba-shrimp and Greenpeace with salt 芝エビとグリーンピース塩炒め
Spring roll 華正樓特製春巻き
Fried Chicken with Cashew nuts 鶏肉とカシューナッツの炒め
White gourd-melon and clam soup 蛤と冬瓜のスープ

Okoge rice and the thick sauce with vegetables. 五目野菜のおこげ

Steamed rice partially (intentionally) well burnt to be a little crispy, then poured thick soup on.


\5,000 course

Five cold appetizers 五種類の前菜
Shark fin soup with egg white 卵白入り ふかひれスープ
Two kinds of fried Shrimps in Chili Sauce and with salt 車エビの二色炒め チリ、塩
Fried squid and scallop with red pepper 生烏賊、ホタテの唐辛子炒め
Stew of White gourd-melon冬瓜の煮込み
Stew of Pork with the skin on 皮つき豚の煮込み
Dim sum 点心

\7,000 course

Seven cold appetizers 七種類の前菜
Shark fin soup with crab 蟹肉魚翅
Shrimp preserved in Raochu (Chinese wine) 巻き海老の老酒漬け

Deep Fried Crab Claws 蟹爪の揚げ物 

Service dish in case of more than 4 persons

Fried squid, scallop, and chicken 生烏賊、ホタテ、鶏肉の炒め
Stewed Bamboo shoots and Abalone 生竹の子と鮑の煮込み
Peking duck 北京烤鴨
Dim sum 点心

Official website for more menu items.



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KASEIRO Kamakura

3-1-14 Hase, Kamakura

Tel: 0467-22-0280

Open 7 days a week


11:00 AM - 9:30 PM

Entry: until 7:30 PM

LO.: 8:00 PM

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