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Kaiko An 海光庵 (Summary)


in Kamakura's Hasedera Temple


  Kaiko An 海光庵 is a cafeteria of Hasedera that stands near the panorama viewing platform and the exit of the walk-way in the hillside temple's garden.

  Some health meals are served in addition to the standard cafe items such as tea and some sweets.


  "Temple's Curry" is the most popular item as a Shojin Ryori based curry among those foods.

  Enjoy that vegan food while watching the panoramic view of Yuigahama beach in the course the worship of Hase Kan-non and a garden walk in Hasedera.



as of July, 2017

Temple's CURRY \1,000 (Tax Not included)

  Shojin Ryori based cooking that is flavored by only sweetness of roasted soybeans and more than 10 kinds of spices.

  No animal meat and stock is contained.

Served with the steamed Gokokumai (五穀米, five-grain rice) and a small salad dish.


* Other vegetarian foods such as Vegetable pasta and Udon うどん-nooddles are available, too.




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