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Greensward グリーンズワード (Summary)




  Greensward runs a Cafe & Bar that stands quietly a little way from the Yuigahama main street of Kamakura.  It is loved by the customers for the variety of beers and the original side dishes.


  There are several seats at the counter and one "Horigotatu" table for 4 persons where you may enjoy the Japanese style.


Horigotatu: A table with a hollow space under the table, so that a person can sit as on a chair, instead of with bent knees on the floor.


  When you use that Japanese style table, it would be appreciated if you take off your shoes.  At the counter seats, never mind wearing your shoes on.


  We also provide a lodging service at the same place.  That lodging section on the 2nd floor of the cafe house is named SHIBAFU.  Enjoy your stay at Kamakura with the lite foods & drinks on the first floor and BBQ on the roof terrace.

Cafe & Bar

Guest house SHIBAFU


Official website for more information.



World beers, Curry, Fresh salad,TACO, Home made side dish (Boiled pork, Corned beef, Beef jerky)


Price range: 1,000 -1,200 yen per dish

Lunch plate

Chicken Curry

Curry made from 15 different spices. Butter is added for the rich flavor.

*Black steamed rice Or Standard white one.

*Served with Pickles, Salad, Soup and Drink.

*Topped with fried chicken

plus \350

TACO rice

TACO, Mexican food, served on steamed rice with Chili meat and Salsa.

*Served with Pickles, Salad, Soup and Drink

Kakuni (Boiled Pork)

Very juicy Pork, boiled long and carefully in the sweet soy beans sauce.

*Served with Pickles, Salad, Soup and Drink

Fresh Salad

10 vegetables with home made dressing.

*Served with bread

Others: Fried chicken with Mayo, Ground meat cutlet, Garlic grilled-shrimp

\950 - \1,100




Price range: \600 - \800 per bottle except for a few brands such as Schlenkerla Rauchbier (Germany), some Belgian and Scotch beers.


Other drinks

Wine, Cocktails, Liquors (Whisky, Gin etc.) and soft drinks.

Price range: \600 - \800 per glass and \2,000 - \3,000 per wine bottle.


Official website for more menu items.



 Map & info 





1-15-22 Hase Kamakura

Tel: 0467-38-3876


-Cafe and Bar-

Lunch: 11:30 a.m. -2:30p.m. (L.O.)

Bar: 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Closed on Wednesday

(Thursday: only Bar time)


-Guest house SHIBAFU-


E mail:

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