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Ebisuya 恵比寿屋 (Summary)




Ebisuya opened as a cafe serving its original sweet foods in Hase of Kamakura more than 250 years ago.


  We are thankful to Kotoku-in and Hasedera Temple for allowing us to make the cracker featuring The Great Buddha and Hase Kanon (statue of Goddess of Mercy) that is registered as a Kanagawa specified confection.


   We display our cakes in the open wood cases and place several stools and tables so that our customers could take a short break eating them.


  The old tools and other things are displayed in the inner part of the floor.  For example, the above right picture is a wood mold with which we made Wagashi for Amanawa Shrine.


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Japanese sweets Wagashi, Saka manju, Daibutsu senbei



  Our Saka-Manju is made in the same ways of those days.  We use home brewed Sake and flour to make a fermented dough and wrap it around some red bean paste and then steamed it for a while. 

  You could buy almost all items by one piece, and cakes in a box is also available that would be the good-buy.


  Ebisuya branded Saka Manju

  You would slightly sense the bitterness in the sweetness of Azuki beans paste.  That is the natural taste of Anko made of the brown cane sugar.


Daibutsu Kannon Senbei

  Our Japanese rice crackers are baked piece-by-piece.  It is the traditional method to make the good Senbei by tuning upside down respectively by hand.  They are in the shape of The Great Buddha and Hase Kannon.  Our Senbei is a little bit harder than the regular one made by the other makers.


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2-14-26 Hase Kamakura




Closed on Thursday

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