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Double Doors (Summary)




double doors

  We started DOUBLE DOORS in Fujisawa in 1998, then opened the restaurant bar where you can spend enjoyable time with delicious foods and drinks in the cozy house at seaside Kamakura in 2008.


  Feel free to drop in.

You are welcome with dogs, too!

visit kamakura stores

visit kamakura stores

  Enjoy a meal and drinks while leisurely watching the ocean view of Shichirigahama from the inside or terrace.


We are looking forward to seeing you!



* Other foods and drinks than these ever popular items are shown on the menu at the house.

 Menu as of July, 2017


We serve a variety of dishes such as steak, hamburger steak, pasta, pizza and salad.

Wagyu steak with the garlic rice


Sliced Japanese beef steak 

Hamburger steak topped with avocado


Hamberger is made of a ground beef with chopped onion and eggs.

Ask our staff about more detail.

Tomato cream pasta with Zuwaigani

(ズワイガニ queen crab)


Oil fondue with shrimp and broccoli


Jambalaya with seasonal vegetables and chicken


Our Jambalaya is stone-grilled

Seasonal vegetables Bagna cauda



Side dishes 

Besides the main dishes, side dishes are also available.

Tako's carpaccio with Jalapeno source


Oiled sardine



small: \750 / large: \1,050

Deep fried onion rings


Fried potato with garlic


Fried potato with anchovy



Desserts & Soft drinks 

Enjoy soft drinks and sweets like cakes for dessert and tea time.

French toast with cinnamon and banana

small: \600 / large: \1,200

Homemade Gingerale


Acai Smoothie


Blood Orange Juice


Mandarin Orange Juice


Mandarin Orange Juice with VanillaIce cream


Blood Orange Juice with Vanilla Ice cream


Home made Sangria


Fruits to be seasonally changed.



Beer, Wine, Sparkling wine, Cocktail and Hot Cocktail etc.


 Map & info 




Double Doors

2-2-2 Shichirigahama,Kamakura

TEL: 0467-33-1593


11:00a.m. - 11:00p.m.

open 7 days a week

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