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Cocomo ココモ (Summary)




  Cocomo's Italian restaurant is one of the most long-standing restaurants in Kamakura.

  Our oyster and other seafood dishes are very popular among the locals. 

  We use locally-caught seafood and locally-grown vegetables in our pizza and pasta.  Oysters are shipped directly from wel-known domestic producers.


  The window is fully opened when the weather is nice. Big window with NO FRAME gives you the panorama of the beach and the gentle sea breeze.


Official website for more information.



Oyster, Seafood, Pasta, Pizza, Bar


Menu as of Nov. 2015

Oyster dish

Fresh Oyster or Broiled Oyster (per pc)


Fresh Oyster (6 pcs)


Oyster Ajillo (5 pcs)


They are fried in the garlic oil.

Deep fried Oyster (4 pcs)


Roast Oyster with urchin sauce (2 pcs)


Roast Oyster with tomato souce (2 pcs)


Oyster 4-kinds Plate (4 pcs)


Steamed/ Chowder

Steamed Japanese small clam and Canadian mussel


Cocomo's Cioppino (for two persons)


Tomato based stew of shrimp, scallop, clam, mussel. squid.  Served with garlic focaccia.

*On your request, we will make a Risotto using the left-oversoup for additional \800 or \1,000

Pasta / Main

Pescatore spaghetti


Oven-baked chicken


Official website for more menu items.




 Map & info 





2-8-8 Hase Kamakura

Tel: 0467-33-4584

Open 7 days a week

except otherwise noticed.


12:00 noon-10:00 p.m. (Jan.-Mar.)

12:00 noon-11:00 p.m. (Apr.-Dec.)

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