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Bergfeld Cafe ベルグフェルド カフェ (Summary)




  Bergfeld's German bakery opened two cafes visitors can take a coffee break while walking around Kamakura.

  One is next door to the bakery near Hachimangu in Yukinoshita and the other is in Hase of Hasedera temple and The Great Buddha.


  Sandwiches that are made with our bread and our authentic German cakes are popular among Kamakura visitors and locals.


  Next to the bakery in Yukinoshita


 in Hase 



Sandwich, coffee, tea, German bread & cakes etc.

Menu as of June, 2017

Tax NOT included


Bergfeld Sandwich ベルグサンド


Three open sandwiches: Bergfeld special rye bread with Bologna sausage, Germ bread with tuna, and Rolled bread with sausage.



Vegetables and ham 野菜とハム


Toast with cheese Loin roll ham and Cheddar cheese ロースハムとチェダーチーズのトーストサンド 


Black Forest Sandwich


Pumpernickel with smoked ham, Camembert, tomato, watercress

Brown bread open sandwich 黒パンのオープンサンド


Bologna Sausage and cheese on the two slices of rye bread, and marmalade on your request.

Gumbo soup and bread ガンボスープとパン 


Toast \300 Toast and coffee or Tea





Some options are available, such as our original blended, weak like in America, with strong bitterness like in Germany.

Cafe au lait カフェオレ


Iced cafe au lait アイスカフェオレ


Iced coffee


Coffee with ice cream 珈琲フロート 


Ceylon Tea セイロンティ


Darjeeling Tea


Earl Grey Tea


Iced Earl Grey Tea


Coke, Ginger Ale, Orange drink, Apple drink


Ice cream アイスクリーム


Hot Chocolate ココア


Iced chocolate milk


German Beer


Other cafe items such as cakes are shown on the menu at each cafe.




 Map and info 




Bergfeld Cafe

3-9-24 Yukinoshita,Kamakura

TEL: 0467-24-2706


9:00a.m. - 6:30p.m.

Closed on Tuesday and 1st & 3rd Monday


2-13-47 Hase, Kamakura

TEL: 0467-24-9843


10:30a.m - 6:30p.m.

Open 7days a week

* No fresh-baked bread is available on the holiday of our bakery.

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