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Bergfeld ベルグフェルド (Summary)




  Bergfeld opened a bakery in Kamakura in 1980.  We keep German bread-making of the early 1900's having a motto of "offering safe and delicious bread for children".

  In addition to the bread such as Rye bread and Pumpernickel, we have been baking German traditional cakes and cookies as well.

  We deliver those freshly baked products to our cafes next to the bakery and in Hase every day, too.  Enjoy sandwich and snacks in the middle of your Kamakura walk.

Sandwich combo


Next door

(On the way to Houkokuji)


in Hase

(near Hasedera temple)



German bakery, Rye bread, Brezel, Rekkarai, Stollen etc.

Menu as of June, 2017.

Tax NOT included


Rye bread ライプレーン

\210 half / \420 whole

Traditional German bread with 40% rye.

Rye bread with Caraway seed キャラウェイシード

\210 half / \420 whole

Herbs flavored.

Germany Coppe ドイツコッペ 

\210 half / \420 whole

Crispy outside and fluffy inside.

Toast トースト

\400 half (two bumps) / \800 whole (four bumps)

Ever popular Bergfeld bread.

Pumpernickel プンパニッケル

\375 quarter/ \750 half / 1,500 whole

Traditional German bread with 70% rye.

Graham bread グラハム

\210 half / \460 whole

Bread with 40% wheat germ.

Raisin bread レーズンブレッド

\230 half / \460 whole

Raisin rye bread クルミとレーズン入りのライ麦パン

\265 half / \530 whole

Rye bread with walnuts and raisins.

Rye stick スティック


Rye stick with walnuts and raisins.

Rye bread with Hazelnuts and figs ヘーゼルナッツといちじく入りのライ麦パン


Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays only.

Rye bread with walnuts くるみ入りライ麦パン


Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays only.

Hugel Brot ヒューゲルブロート 

\225 half / \450 whole

Soft type bread with 100% wheat.

1) Monday, Thursday, Saturday only.

Meat pie ミートパイ


One of the ever popular items.

Salz Brezel ザルツブレッツェル


German classic Pretzel with rock salt.

Other types of bread (Brotchen, Kaisersemmel, Graham roll, Croissant, etc.) and sweet bread (Nussschnecken, Blender bread, etc.) are also available.

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Bergfeld bakery

3-9-24 Yukinoshita,Kamakura

TEL: 0467-24-2706


9:00a.m. - 6:30p.m.

Closed on Tuesday and 1st & 3rd Monday

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