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Omikuji おみくじ


  It's a fortune-slip おみくじ that includes a kind of instruction besides fortune telling.  Many Japanese buy it at the first visit during a new year holiday to see about the year and/or when they are anxious about something in the future.


  It describes about our future and attitude to be taken on a variety of subjects.

For example;

Summary: Now is the time to wait and see.

Wish: To be realized but in the far future.

Love: Be patient.

Person you want to meet again: Won't show up before you.

and so on about more subjects.


  Omikuji is available in many shrines and some temples at 100 yen or at that range.


  You may keep it or leave it at the place where you get it.  Place to tie up Omikuji is usually prepared near Omikuji shop.


(More details can be searched by entering "Omikuji in Japan" on line.)


* English Omikuji is available at Kuzuharaoka Jinja in Genjiyama Park, Sasuke inari near Genjiyama, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, and Hasedera in seaside Hase etc.  Way of description in English is a little different depending on the place.

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