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DARUMA NINGYO だるま人形 (Dharma doll)


  "Dharma だるま" is a doll that is said to have spread in Japan since the Edo period (17-19C).  Most Dharma dolls are painted red over their round body and unpainted on the eyes.

  (There are also different types depending on the region.)


  We paint it's one eye with a wish and paint the other eye when it's fulfilled.


For example;

 - Politicians paint the Dharma doll's eyes before / after election.  We often see that scene on TV news.


- Common people usually paint one eye at the beginning of a year and paint the other one at the end of the year while appreciating safety and happiness for the year.


* When you paint its eyes;

1.  First paint is said to be done on the right side (doll's left eye).

2. Don't paint the eyes all black.  Give Dharma white eyes, too.


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