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Hina dolls & Gogatsu dolls


  Hina Ningyo dolls     

(Girls' day / Mar. 3rd)



  We call the event on March 3 "Hina-Matsuri (ひな祭り, Hina-Doll's Festival).

  Actually it is not a festival, but the day parents wish for the healthy growth and hapiness of their daughters.  "Hina" means "cute like a chick".


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  Gogatsu Ningyo dolls  

(Boys' day / May 5th)



  Originally, ancient Japanese had a habit of taking a hot bath with iris on May 5th with the hope of disease-free life.


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  Children's day  

(May 5th)


  In 1948, Japanese government set May 5 as a national holiday named "Kodomo-no-Hi, (子供の日, Children's Day).

  That holiday was defined as a day people respect children and wishes for their happiness as well as appreciate their mothers.  It's not only for boys but also for girls.


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