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海の家, Temporary beach house in the summer


  Umi no Ie 海の家 are the huts put up on the beach during the summer.  Not only in Kamakura, those temporay houses are built on many coasts in Japan.

  Umi no Ie were the places where people changed into swim suits first and they ate just a few kinds of meals such as curry or Ramen noodles on the flat Japanese floor untill the late 1900's.

old style

terrace house

food court

  Changing the style in recent years, Umi no Ie have become like terrace house restaurants or a food court on the beach, where a variety of foods and drinks are available.  There are still a few traditionla houses with the flat floor, but many of them have changed.


  Generally speaking, the opening hours is regulated by the city like 8:00a.m. to around 8:30p.m and some special beach-rules are applied during the Umi no Ie season.


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