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御朱印, Sealed evidence


  It's a sealed evidence offered to worshipers at most of the temples and at some shrines.  Nowadays, it’s getting in a retrospective boom among Japanese people to collect Goshuin(s) 御朱印.  It looks stamp-rally seemingly, but Goshuin is not a stamp.


  Every Goshuin is basically written by the authorized staff at each place one by one.  Therefore, we usually have to wait for a while at Goshuin-jo (御朱印所, place for Goshuin) or come back later to receive it.


  It was originally an evidence of Shakyo (写経、hand copying sutra) and came to be a proof of a worship-visit these days.  We meed to buy a Goshuin-cho (御朱印帳、Goshuin Notebook) beforehand and ask them to write Goshuin on it.  We can buy that notebook on site or at some book stores etc.


  It's all right to ask a temple to give the writing with seal on the Goshuin Notebook that we bought at other temples, but we can't ask for that on the general stamp-notebook, brouchers etc. as we collect commemorative stamps.


-Price range-

Goshuin seal: 300-500 Yen/seal (depends on the place)

- Goshuin Notebook: 1,000-2,000 Yen (depends on the place and design)


  Each place has several kinds of seals.  For example, per statue or per hall etc.  Usually the main Goshuin at that place will be given.  If you are asked which seal you want, chose one or request for the main-Goshuin.  You can ask for more than one seal at a visit, but have to pay for each.

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