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Sasuke Inari Jinja



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Shugenji Temple

収玄寺 (Jp)

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* Comments by stores

  This temple is not big.  But it still has a long history and loved by the Kamakura fans for a variety of flowers in the garden.  So, it is called " Flower temple".

  It's about 10 minutes on foot from here.  Taking Enoden for one section, it's just one minute from the Hase station.  Shugenji is near Hasedera Temple.

by Feng Long

 (Chinese eatery)

  Shugenji is a very tiny, beautiful temple.  Many people know Hasedera Temple and The great Buddha as the visiting spots around here but this lovely temple also has a Kamakura History.

  We would like to recommend you to drop in at Shugenji on the way to Hasedera Temple.


(Italian restaurant)


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Sugimotodera Temple



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Shokozan Tokeiji

松岡山 東慶寺

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* Comments by stores

   We can enjoy seasonal scenery with hydrangea and autumn leaves around the external stairways up to the Temple Gate.  It's beautiful garden and the Buddhist hall with the mountain in the back are also good to see.  

  So, I like that temple and want to recommend visiting.



  It's a Zen temple now, but when it was fouded in the 13 century it was a nunnery temple that had been known for hundreds of years as a place of hiding a women escaping from their husband.  Tokeiji was called Kakekomi Dera (駆け込み寺, sanctuary) those days.

by Casen

 (Wagashi cafe)

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Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

鶴岡八幡宮 (En)

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* Comments by stores

  Tsurugaoka Hachimangu placed in the center of Kamakura city is recommended as a visiting spot. You could enjoy seasonal flower viewing and some popular events such as Yabusame archery and Shizuka Dance etc.

  Founder of Toshimaya was one of the Kamakura residents who admired that shrine much and decided to make sable modelling a pigeon, the symbol of Hachimangu.

by  Toshimaya


  A variety of sight seeing spots can be chosen in Kamakura.  Among them, we would like to recommend Tsurugaoka Hachimangu 鶴ヶ丘八幡宮 as the first place to visit.

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Shizuka's Dance 静の舞

  Shizuka was a girl in Kyoto, known as a good Shirabyoshi and Yoshitsune's girl friend.


  Tsurugaoka Hachimangu holds some events such as horseback archery and Shizuka's dance in the annual festival.

by Sangosho

(Curry, Steak)

  Tsurugaoka Hachimangu 鶴岡八幡宮 is one of the most important historical shrines in Kamakura and can be recommended as the best tourist spot that is worth visiting.

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Dankazura 段葛


(Asian cuisine)


Tsurugaoka Hachimangu ("gu"means Shrine) was built in the later 12th century by Minamoto Yoritomo, the founder of Kamakura Shogunate.  I would recommend it to the visitors because of its large-scale as well as the Great Buddha Kotoku-in.

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byNakayama Touken

(Antique Samurai gear)

English Omikuji (おみくじ, fortune slip) is available 


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* Comments by stores

  The Enoden station's name here came from the graves of the Wada family.  They were defeated in a battle in the early 13th Century of the Kamakura period.  That is the nearest public spot from our cafe.

by Mu Shin An

 (Japanese sweets)

  A long time ago, there was a big struggle for power here in Kamakura.  Wadazuka is the grave for the Wada family who lost in the fight.  Wada (family name) + Zuka (burial mound) is now the name of the station, too.

by Fujii

 (Japanese eatery)


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Yoshiya Nobuko Memorial


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* Comments by stores

  Bungaku-kan museum is the western style and this monumental house has the Japanese taste.  It is also enjoyable to just see the exterior and photos expressing the old Kamakura life.

  It opens seasonally, so you had better check it's schedule to the Kamakura City Tourist association etc. beforehand.

by Tsuruya

 (Grilled eel dishes)

  Nobuko Yoshiya is a novelist in the middle of 20th century.  She spent her last years in Kamakura and her house was donated to Kamakura city as a gallery.

  It would be enjoyable to just see her house and the exibitions of photos of the novelists.  But unfortunately, it is open for the limited period only.


(Japanese craft KOKESHI)


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Zeniaraibenzaiten ugafukujin jinja


(Zeniarai Benten 銭洗弁天)

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* Comments by stores

  Although I'm a Kamakura people, actually I don't go so much to shrines and temples.  When I guide friends, I will take them to Zeniarai Benten.

  Entering the entrance that was tunneled mountains, there is a cave where we wash money expecting more returns. They are all pleased when they are taken to Zeniarai Benten.

by Île Saint Louis


  One of the ever popular Kamakura tourist spots is this shrine.  That is located in the middle of a steep up-hill street toward the Genjiyama Park.

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(Japanese foods)


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Zuisenji Temple


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* Comments by stores

  We recommend Zuisenji that stands quietly at the bottom of mountain.  That temple is a very highly ranked temple since it was founded in the end of the Kamakura period.

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by SARYO Inoue

 (Japanese restaurant)


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