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Map of Kamakura


  Markers and draw-lines are put in these category-folders in the MAP LEGEND of the Google Map.

  Check one or more checkbox to see the location and route of the places.  (Uncheck to hide.)


 General: Info, Topics, Public lavatory etc.

 Most Popular Walk Routes:  for Tour Guide.

 Stores & Tourist Spots: Location, Info.

 Major Walk Routes: Popular streets.

 Other Walk Routes: Small streets & lates.

 Local train & bus: Stations and route map.

 Hiking Trail: Including Old mountain paths.

 Cherry Blossom: Viewing spots.

 Hydrangea: Viewing spots.

 Autumn Colors: Viewing spots.


e.g.) Check the check box of Hiking Trail for hiking.


- Admission fee is introduced in "Stores & Tourist Spots" regarding the public facilities such as museum.


- That of temples depends on the places and each price is not mentioned in the map. Free admission for some temples and 200-500 yen for the others.


- Shrines don't charge for admission, except for some special area like exhibition halls or museums in the grounds..


= MAP LEGEND on the web browser =


Note: In case of opening the map by any web application, for example Google Maps on ios (Iphone), display will be a little different.

Hiking in the mountains

*Note: Most major hiking trails like Daibutsu, Tenen are closed due to the damages of typhoons. Kamakura City has announced they will be reopened sometimes from some day in February to June, 2020 depending on the route.


  We can enjoy various routes while seeing several historical sites along the mountain paths.  It's also good to take one of those trails as a way to connect tourist spots.




Notes on Kamakura Hiking Trails

* Be sure to get out before it gets dark.

  - There are some spots where a side or both sides of the walk path fall sharply.  Some spots have the hand rail, but the others do not, so it's dangerous to walk in the dark.


* Wear sneakers, preferably hiking-boots.

 - Even if the road surface is dry as the whole, the lower places which usually run along a stream are likely to be wet with mud.

 - If there is a rainy day in the past few days, the road surface must be muddy even on a fine day.  Hiking-boots are much preferable.   Sneakers are not good enough in that case.



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