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CompanyArai Kikaku, Inc.

Company    (株)新井企画


     4-38-101 Yuigahama,

     Kamakura-city, Kanagawa*2480014*Japan


     Foundation: November, 2015


To:  Yasuo Arai


Tel: 090-5576-9495


Tel: +81-90-5576-9495


E mail:

E mail: ( Send Email )


Hello from the site owner

  I'm often asked the way by the tourists when I walk around my house in Kamakura.  One day, a storekeeper asked me to explain their items to an overseas visitor.  So, I opened visit Kamakura stores for both the visitors and the local stores.

  I hope that it would be some help for the tourists and residents from overseas to find the stores and tourist spots.


*  Our portal site opened with 20 stores in one area at the beginning.

But we will not  limit our service to those stores nor to the area.  There are many good stores in Kamakura.  We hope that more stores including in the other areas will join us from now.  (January, 2016)


*  Please overlook minor mistakes of wording in the websites, because English is our second language.








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