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Japan Railways (JR)

Kamakura City Tourist Association

Retur trip by JR

* Initial display shows the points that confuse even Japanese visitors.


  for Tokyo or Shinjuku?  


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Shonan Shinjyuku sen / Yokosuka sen


  Green Car  


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  It is the deluxe 2 train-cars among the 11 or 15 train-cars of every Yokosuka and Shonan Shinjuku line. They always come to the center of the platform. (a little bit backward in Shonan Shinjuku's case)


  Narita Express (NE'X)  


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 If you plan to take the Narita Express, we recommend you or a friend purchase the ticket in advance at Kamakura Station, even though you will transfer at Ofuna.

 Ofuna Sta. is large and we can't go easy to the ticket office.  And we will not be able to buy N'EX tickets in the train cars nor on the platform.


* This page is an instruction for the one-way-ticket purchase.  Ask at the ticket office or take a look at "Kamakura visitor's guide" website about the special tickets such as the tourist-coupon etc.


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