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Seaside railroad, Enoden

* Initial display shows the points that confuse even Japanese visitors.


  Enoshima Electric Railway 江ノ島電鉄 called Enoden 江ノ電 in a friendly manner is a popular local tran that starts Kamakura station for Enoshima area.

  That train is convenient to move around the sea side of Kamakura.


  JR-Exit / Enoden-transfer  


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JR Kamakura Sta. West Exit 西口

Enoden's platform is on the west side of the JR station building.


A: IC card passengers: Go to the LEFT SIDE ticket gate to enter the Enoden's platform directly.

  (IC card: herein, a chip card for railroads such as PASMO and SUICA)


B: JR ticket passengers: Exit through the JR West Exit (2).


C: If you are not sure which gate to go, just exit from the station (2).



  Enoden ticket purchase  


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-Their vending machines are almost the same as JR's.  Touch the button at the top-left when you open the wrong screen.  The initial screen will come back.


<< Child and Group >>



-A child 12 years old or under is applied almost half price.  Touch button 2 to open the screen for the children's fare.


  Enoden ticket gate  


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-When you enter those no-gate stations, never mind getting on the train after you buy a ticket at the entrance.  Check-in is complete on your ticket purchase.


* This page is an instruction for the one-ride-ticket purchase.  Ask at the ticket office or take a look at "Kamakura visitor's guide" website about the special tickets such as the tourist-coupon etc.


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