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Bus network in the city

* Initial display shows the points that confuse even Japanese visitors.


  Overall Kamakura Bus  


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  There are two kinds of buses.  Blue painted bus is operated by Keikyu 京急バス and the orange is by Enoden 江ノ電バス.   Terminal stops at Kamakura station are placed respectively, but their stops on the street are mostly at the same place.



  Following contents are described about the most cases. The parts written in the frames show the exceptional cases of getting-on and off for some Enoden buses.



  Getting ON  


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-Enter through the REAR door. 


- Enter through the FRONT door and pay first.

  only in the Enoden buses starting at No. 2 stop for Ofuna direction.


  Getting Off  


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- Exit from the FRONT door.


- Exit from the REAR door.

  only in the Enoden buses starting at No. 2 stop for Ofuna direction.



* One more thing different from the Tokyo metropolitan bus is this machine does not give change.  It simply breaks a coin (3).  It also breaks a bill, but only 1,000 yen bill (4) and the machine is likely to run short of coins.  Therefore, we always try to have coins before taking the bus.


 Streets must be busy in the period of so-called Golden Weekand Ohigan 彼岸. Trafic becomes much sluggish.  It might be faster to take a walk.


Golden Week:

Consecutive holidays from the last week of Apr. to the 1st week of May.



A few days before and after March 21st (Spring Equinox) and in the same way to September 23rd (Autumnal Exuinox).


* This page is an instruction for the one-way-ticket purchase.  Ask at the ticket office or take a look at "Kamakura visitor's guide" website about the special tickets such as the tourist-coupon etc.


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