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 All information on this site has not been updated since the self-regulation by Corona came into effect in early 2021.
 The store information, in particular, introduced as it was at that time, and it still contains information that is different from the current state.
 So please refer to it just as reference at that time.

Transport -Enoden, local bus, JR-


Local train (Enoden) 

  Help for the visitors who are not familiar with the complex ticket vending machines and gate system. Each single step to ride the Kamakura local train, Enoden is shown in English.

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Local Bus 

  How to get on / off and pay for the Kamakura local bus. Each single step is shown in English for the overseas visitors. It will be convenient to go to some zone by taking a bus, for example, Houkokuji, Kamakura yama, Asahina and Nagoe Hiking trails.

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Access to Kamakura 

  JR (N'EX, Green car)

  How to purchase the return tickets from Kamakura station. Especially, visitors had better know about the tickets system of Green car and N'EX, JR Yokosuka line and Shonan Shinjuku line.

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