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New Year Holidays 2018


  Halloween and Christmas are also celebrated by many Japanese recently, but the End-Year and New Year Holidays are the biggest tradition in Japan.


  We herein introduce some articles in Glossary, which are related to the End-Year and New Year Holidays, and also some traffic restrictions in Kamakura during that period.


  Related articles in Glossary  


"New Year's Custom" -Glossary-

Japanese practice from the end of a year to the beginning of the next year.


"Year End Bell Ring" -Glossary-

Joya-no-Kane at temples midnight Dec. 31st.


"Osechi Ryori" -Glossary-

Specially prepared New Year's dishes.


  Congestion in Kamakura  


  It's much busy with visitors during the new year holidays in Kamakura.  Seasonal Traffic Regulations and Relocation of bus stops are applied during that period every year.



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Popular New Year events in 2018


FYI: Read New Year events in 2018





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