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Summer Beach 2017

Kamakura Summer Beach

in Yuigahama & Zaimokuza


  We hope this page will be a good reference for the next year.


  Kamakura's wide beaches draw visitors from all around the Tokyo and Shonan regions.   Enjoy lunch and casual dining at the temporary beach-houses on the strand, which are called "Umi no ie".  They are eateries and bars built on the beach during summer, some of which prepare locker rooms.

  Nearly 20 Umi-no-ie houses and a food court for the Asian foods like Thai open everyday until the end of August.


  Umi no Ie period  

  July 1st (Sat.) - August 31st (Thu.)

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= Hours =

* Open at 8:00 - 10:00 AM depending on the house.

* Last entry at 8:30 PM at all houses. (by the beach regulation)

* Closed at 9:00 - 10:00 PM depending on the house.


  Kamakura's Fireworks Display  

in front of Yuigahama Beach

July 19th (Wed) 7:20p.m.-8:10p.m.


Firework this year was as good as last year because nice wind blew off the smoke.



(FYI 2016)

(FYI 2016)

"Fireworks on the water"

"Close to the shore line"


  Besides fireworks set off from the surface of the sea, some running boats blow up the firework-balls by dropping them into the water.  That is Kamakura's fireworks.


  Bon Odori 盆踊り on the beach  

Chuo Kaigan (中央海岸 Yuigahama side Zaimokuza)

August 20th (Sun)

=Bon odori=

  It was originally an event to calm the ancestral spirits being said to come back during Obon summer season.  It's now more enjoyed as a kind of Japanese folk dance in the summer and the religious meaning has softened.


- Note -

  Click for rules

Some rules are strengthened by Kamakura City on the beach until August 31st.

* No surfing, wind surfing 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

* No alcohol open space on the beach

- (It's all right in Umi-no-ie)

* No expose of Tattoos

- (wear clothes on Tattoos), etc.


  -  Extra -  


Hase no Akari 長谷の灯り

8 places in the seaside area were illuminated every evening for a week.

August 21st (Mon.) - 27th (Sun.)





Bungaku kan


Gokuraku ji


Goryo jinja


Great Buddha



Kosoku ji

Shugen ji


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