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 All information on this site has not been updated since the self-regulation by Corona came into effect in early 2021.
 The store information, in particular, introduced as it was at that time, and it still contains information that is different from the current state.
 So please refer to it just as reference at that time.  

Seasonal -various sceneries-

SAKURA - Cherry blossoms 

  Status of flowering, Location, Access about Sakura in Kamakura.

  late March - early April

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AJISAI - Hydrangea 

  We could enjoy Ajisai 紫陽花 viewing everywhere in Kamakura.

  late May - early July

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UMI NO IE - Summer Beach cafe 

  Enjoy lunch and casual dining at the temporary beach-houses on the strand, which are called "Umi no ie 海の家".   Don't miss Fireworks Display on the water and Bon Odori folk dance on the beach, too.

  July 1st - August 31st

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KOYO - Autumn Leaves 

  Koyo 紅葉 leaves such as red Maple and yellow Ginkgo etc. can be seen all over the city.

  late November - early December

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SHOGATSU - New Year Holidays 

  Japanese customs and Kamakura's traffic regulations at the year-end and New Year holidays 正月

  Dec. 31st - Jan. 3rd

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* Other seasonal topics such as "Golden week", "Shichi Go San" etc. are listed in Glossary table.

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