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Walk routes by theme

  We are going to add more patterns accordingly.  If you have any request for the recommended spots and walk route, write it on our Facebook page.

  Same styled map will be opened from the simple links as well as some embedded maps.


  Theme of the route  


1. Old seaside travel route

- Old travel route from Enoshima and the road which Anti Shogunate Troops tried to go through to progress to Kamakura in 1333.



2. Spiritual (Zen meditation) 坐禅

- It would be a good choice to try the spiritual training of Zen meditation class for the general public before or in the middle of a walk in the Kamakura's rich nature of mountain-hike and shoreline-stroll.



3. Shichifukujin tour   七福神

- Seven Deities for happiness are enshrined all over Japan.  We hereby introduce the popular route for the shrines and temples with them in Kamakura and Enoshima.




1. How to get to Mandala Caves?

* まんだら堂やぐら群



2. How to get to Zeniarai Benten?銭洗弁天

3. How to get to Genjiyama Park?源氏山公園



4. How to get to The Great Buddha and any recommended walk route?




5. How to get to Kitakamakura from G.Buddha taking hiking trail?

* I want to drop by Zeniarai and Sasuke Inari.

大仏高徳院, 銭洗弁天 佐助稲荷



6. How to get to Houkokuji and any recommended walk route?

* 報国寺


  Theme of the stores  


1. Seaside stores

- Romantic ocean view  / After the ocean activities.  / Peaceful stroll and rest on the neighboring beach or in the nearby park.



2. Restaurant for vegans.

3. Restaurant with Halal certificate.



4. Cooking with plenty locally-grown vegetables.



5. Meat!  Steak, Yakiniku BBQ, Hamburger.



6. Traditional Restaurant.  Luxury lunch and Dinner.



7. Rest with lite meal & coffee, tea, beer.



8.Over 100 year established stores in Kamakura.



9.Can we find there a variety of JP paper umbrella?

*=> Yes you can, but at just a few shops in Kamakura.



10.Can we find Onsen, hot spring house in Kamakura?

*=> Yes you can, it's Inamuragasaki Onsen House 稲村ケ崎温泉.









By theme




Train, Bus

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