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タベルナ ロンディーノ




  RONDINO continues a restaurant in the Kamakura's unchanging scenery keeping a motto, "When Italian visit our restrant, we could satisfy them with our dishes".

  Customers are shown to the 1st floor to have a la carte dishes or coffee break, and upstairs is the floor for the course menu.  Enjoy the delicious foods while seeing a view of the ocean.


  Our cooking is based on the traditional taste of Venice. Partnership and people-to-people exchange with a restaurant in Venice are continued so that tradition of the Italian cooking could be maintained.


Official website for more information.



Venetian cuisine and wine (Calamari black-ink spaghetti, other pasta, pizza, seafood)



As of Aug. 2016, Tax is not included

- A la carte floor (1F) -

Appetizers: \300, Pizzas:\900,

Pastas:\1,100,  Fishes:\2,000,  

Meats:\2,000,  Desserts:\500

(Price shows each starting pric)

Pasta Lunch set: \1,800


- Course menu floor (2F) -

PRE FIX menu

Lunch: Assorted appetizers,  Pasta,  Main dish,  Dessert,  soft drink


A: Appetizers or Pasta,  Main dish,   Dessert,  soft drink


B: Appetizers,  Pasta or Risotto,  Main dish,  Dessert,  soft drink


C: Appetizers,  Pasta or Risotto,  Fish,  Meat,  Dessert,  soft drink


* Dinner course will be served with sparkling wine or mineral/still water.

DAILY menu

Assorted appetizers,  chef's special pasta,  Fish,  Meat,  Dessert,  soft drink


* Use ingredients of the day

Official website for more menu items.



 Map & info 





2-6-11 Inamuragasaki Kamakura


Open 7 days a week

Hours: 11:30a.m. - 10:30p.m.





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