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Kebab Kamakura ケバブ (Summary)




  KEBAB KAMAKURA is offering the authentic Turkish foods that is Doner Kebab (meet foods) and Dondurma (Ice cream).  They clear the HALAL process and we have its certificate.


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Kebab Don in a box, Kebab sandwich, Ice cream


  Our Kebab is served with vegetables on the steamed rice in a bowl or a box. Hot dog or Sandwich are available, too.

  Turkish Ice-cream is also popular among the local customers.  It's moderately, that means, naturally sweet, and has a texture like as getting longer. It also has a resistance to melting.  Before anything, it's delicious.


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 Map & info 





1-16-27 Hase, Kamakura


Open daily except otherwise noticed


10:30 AM - 6:00 PM





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