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DARUMA NINGYO だるま人形 (Dharma doll)

  "Dharma だるま" is a doll that is said to have spread in Japan since the Edo period.  Most Dharma dolls are painted red over their round body and unpainted on the eyes. (There are also different types depending on the region.)


  We paint it's one eye with a wish and paint the other eye when it's fulfilled.


For example;

 - Politicians paint the Dharma doll's eyes before / after election.  We often see that scene on TV news.


- Common people usually paint one eye at the beginning of a year and paint the other one at the end of the year while appreciating safety and happiness.


* When you paint its eyes;

1.  First paint is said to be done on the right side (doll's left eye).

2. Don't paint the eyes all black.  Give Dharma white eyes, too.








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