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Historical persons in the Kamakura period


 Yoritomo Minamoto 源頼朝 

(1147 - 1199)

        Statue at Genjiyama Park, Kamakura

  He is one of the most famous Bushi (武士, warrior) in the Japanese history, known as the founder and the 1st Shogun of the Kamakura Bakufu (鎌倉幕府 Shogunate).  As his family name of "源" shows, he came from the Genji 源氏.


  In the Japanese history, it was the first time the political center was placed in the eastern province and the government was run by Shogun 将軍, the leader of the Bushi warriors.  He achieved those exploits.


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 Masako Hojo 北条政子 

(1157 - 1225)

       Statue at Hirugakojima Park, Izu

  She is a daugher of Tokimasa Hojo 北条時政 and the Shogun Yoritomo's wife.


  She became a nun when Yoritomo died, but also took charge of government as a guardian of the 2nd and 3rd Shogun.  Both of them were sons of Masako and Yoritomo.


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  Yoshitsune Minamoto 源義経 

(1159 -1189)

    Statue at Mimosusogawa Park, Yamaguchi

  He is a younger brother of the Shogun Yoritomo.


  He was just a baby named Ushiwaka-maru 牛若丸 at the time Yoritomo was placed under the house-arrest in Izu.

  Ushiwaka-maru had been entrusted to Kuramadera temple 鞍馬寺 in Kyoto suburb until he ran away from the temple at the age of 15.


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  People involved in struggles 

(after 1199)

  In the Kamakura period after the death of the 1st Shogun Yoritomo, various things including infrastructure were developed much under the Hojo's regency, but it was also the time of internal battles between the comrades who worked together for Yotitomo.


 Hojo clan 北条一族 

  Masako's farther's home.  Interestingly, the Hojyos was a family of the Heishi.

  They destroyed rival families one after another after Yoritomo's death and increased power as the regent.  The control power of the Kamakura shogunate was actually held by the Hojo clan from the beginning of 13C.


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