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Hina dolls & Gogatsu dolls


  Hina dolls on Girl's Day 

(Girls' day / Mar. 3rd)



  We call the event on March 3 "Hina-matsuri (ひな祭り, Doll's Festival).  Actually it is not a festival, but the day parents wish for the healthy growth and hapiness of their daughters.


  There was an old Japanese custom to make a shape of a person with grass, stroked the body with that grass to transfer the impurity, and let it flow to the river on March 3.  Meanwhile, it was fashionable among girls in the noble families to play with paper dolls.

  Somehow people came to flow paper dolls to the river on March 3.  It's the strory in the ancient times like the Heian period (8-12C). 


  Times being changed to the Edo period (17-19C), beatiful woody dolls called Hina-Ningyo (ひな人形, dolls of a pair of prince and princess) began to be made by craftsmen and people placed those dolls in the house for their daughters.


  That day in the Japanese lunar calendar was in the Gregorian April, but Hina-matsuri is done on the same mm/dd after the Gregorian calendar was taken in the 19th century of the Meiji area.  Therefore, there are some regions in the country where the Doll's Festival is done in April.


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