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Kamakura grown vegetables 鎌倉野菜,

  Kamakura Yasai 鎌倉野菜 is the vegetables that are harvested in the land of Kamakura.  They are produced based on 1) Locally produced and consumed, 2) Direct sales which does not pass through the middlemen.


  That vegetable has become a famous brand recently because it has good taste and high quality. Various kinds of vegetables are made as Kamakura Yasai instead of being limited to some specific types.


  It's almost impossible to get them at shops in other regions because they are not in the broad distribution network, but anyone can buy those vegetables at local vegetable stores and Kamakura Farmers Market near Kamakura station.


  Kamakura Farmers Market  

Renbai-sho 鎌倉市農協連即売所

  Kamakura farmers gather in this market to sell their harvesting every morning.

Fresh vegetables harvested on the previous day are available at the reasonable price.
  It's said that the origin of the market was an adivce given by a Minister who came from overseas in 1928.  Now we call that market place "Renbai-sho" in short.


= Hours of the market =

Open: 7days a week

(Only closed during the new year holidays)

Hours: 8:00 AM - afternoon

(Actually they start selling around 7:30 and sold out end)



  We can find a few stores in in the shop section in Renbai-sho, the Kamakura Farmers Market.  Those stores are well known among the locals as the place for their home-made cakes, bread, and other snacks.









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