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Saho 作法, Japanese table manners

  We can say that the most unique table manners with Japanese foods is to hold a bowl and small plate in your hand while eating.  


 There are many things about this issue, but we hereby introduce the most different things from the manners with knives and forks. 


- It is no-good to pick up rice in a rice-bowl as it is placed on the table.  We should pick up the bowl and hold it with a hand and use Hashi with the other hand.


- Regarding the small plate, let's say less than 15 cm width, we also need to pick up and hold it on our hand and pick one-mouthful food with Hashi from it.  

  If the plate is big, it is good to pick food from the plate as it is placed on the table.  But we should move some amount onto the small plate once, then pick up that small plate and eat the food from it.  To eat anything directly from a container is not good.


- You had better hold a small plate below your mouth to avoid dropping food instead of using your palm.  That is the right way.  But actually, it's confused by even Japanese and many of them hold the palm mistakenly instead of holding a small plate.


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