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七五三, 7, 5, 3-year-old children


  Shichi-Go-San 七五三 is a Japanese custom to celebrate healthy growth for 7, 5, and 3 year-old children and to wish their longevity.  (7 years old for girls, 5 for boys, 3 for both).


  It is not an event given by shrines nor temples, but many parents take their children in those years mostly to the shrine having them wear traditional or modern formal dress.

  Those children are also given Japanese traditional candy called Chitose-Ame 千歳飴.


  That's why you see many dressed-up children with a long candy-paper-bag in their hands in that season.


  It is Nov. 15th that is an annual 7-5-3 date, but actually many families do it on the week ends near the 15th.


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