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鎌倉七口, Old cut roads

- Back to the Kamakura period -


  We nowadays access to Kamakura easily by taking National or Prefectural roads.  However, people in the ancient times could have only limited choice of the route when they went in or out of Kamakura that was naturally blocked by the mountains and the sea.

  That's why they called this place "Kamakura Castle".


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  It would be a fun to take a walk through the old roads while thinking about the old travelers and Samurai who fought for or against the Kamakura Shogunate those days.


  There are so called "Kamakura seven entrances" that are the old cut roads through the mountains.  Kamakura Shogunate built or enhanced them to be convenient.  On the other hand, they did it to prevent the invasion from the enemies.

  Some of them were re-built in the modern age and we daily use them as the regular roads, the others remain as the hiking trails.


* It doesn't necessarily mean that the remaining old cut roads are exactly the same as those in the Kamakura period due to the maintenance for the degradation over time, but they are good enough to feel the ancient times.


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Cut Road


Cut road



Kamegayatsu zaka






Cut road



* Mandala Caves is in the Nagoe Cut road.


   Map of Old Cut Roads  


Check the check box "Hiking Trail"in the map, along with "Local train & bus"for the bus routes.


It would be a good choice to get to the far side entrance first by bus and go toward the center of the city while walking the hiking trail.


Notes on Kamakura Hiking Trails

(Asahina / Daibutsu / Kewai-zaka / Nagoe)


* Be sure to get out before it gets dark.

  - There are some spots where a side or both sides of the walk path fall sharply.  Some spots have the hand rail, but the others do not, so it's dangerous to walk in the dark.


* Wear sneakers, preferably hiking-boots.

 - Even if the road surface is dry as the whole, the lower places which usually run along a stream are likely to be wet with mud.

  - Even if the weather is nice, the road surface must be muddy if there is a rainy day in the past few days.  Hiking-boots are much preferable.  Sneakers are not good enough in that case.


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  Seaside entrances  


  It is said that old people took the coastal ways in addition to the cut roads through the mountains.

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