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お節料理, New year cooking

  Osechi Ryori おせち料理 is the New Year’s Japanese dishes which are specially prepared by the end of year.  That origin is said to be the dishes for the five seasonal events at the palace in the ancient times.

  Later, Edo Shogunate held the same kind of events and that dishes spread to the common people.  Those dishes, meanwhile, became the New Year’s dishes.


  There are also some practical reasons of why we prepare such dishes for the New Year days.

1. We couldn’t buy anything in the first 3 days of a year because all stores were closed during that period.  Recently, corner-stores and many of stores are open even for the Shogatsu period.

2. Homemaker, mostly housewives those days, could be free from cooking at the beginning of the year.


  Many of Japanese now buy Osechi-combo at stores.   On the other hand, there are still many families who make them themselves.

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