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お賽銭, small donation

  O-Saisen 賽銭 a custom to donate some money to the shrines and temples as the expression of gratitude to Shinto deities or Buddha of Buddhism for their accepting the visitors' pray. 

  Ancient Japanese originally dedicated grains and came to give money in the medieval times, which is said to be after the Kamakural period.  Nowadays, it is a kind of manners to put some money, even small like 5 yen, 50 yen, into the Saisen-box 賽銭箱 when we pray.


  "Five yen" is pronounced "Go-en" which also means "good relationship".  So, many Japanese often put 5, 50....yen into the box.  But it's not necessary. 10, 100... is no problem at all.








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