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Chui 注意, Notes


  Some signs in the city are being written in multiple languages, but there are still many notes only in Japanese.  Kanji letters which are often seen at the roadside and tourist spots mean as follows.

禁止/厳禁: Prohibited

禁煙: No smoking

* letter of 禁 means prohibit.

注意: Be aware / Watch your steps

工事中: Under construction

立ち入り禁止/通行止: Off limit

車両通行止め: Closed to vehicles

行き止まり: Dead end

まわり道: Take other ways (due to dead-end or construction ahead etc.)

中止: Canceled

トイレ: Restroom

入口/出口: Entrance/Exit

非常口: Fire exit

== at store ==

営業中: Open

準備中, 閉店: Closed

== at tourist spot ==

公開中: Open to the public

非公開, 閉館: Closed





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