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Shogatsu 正月

  New Year holiday so called "Shogatsu正月" is the most common holiday in Japan.  We have Golden week (early May), Summer vacation etc. but New Year Holiday is special.  It is basically from Dec. 31st through Jan. 3rd.

  Not only as the New Year celebration, we put importance to end the bad things by the end of each year as well.


Omisoka 大晦日: Dec. 31st.


Gantan 元旦: January 1st.


San Ga Nichi 三が日: Jan. 1st - 3rd.


Shogatu 正月: Fom Jan. 1st to 7th or 15th depending on the region, but actually many people say Shogatu standing for Gantan or San Ga Nichi.


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