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Furo 風呂 and Toilet トイレ

  Nowadays, most of the places in Japan have Western-style bathroom.  But some traditional or public places still keep the old Japanese-style.


  Japanese Bath   風呂


  Japanese bathtub is usually deep so that people can warm body by soaking themselves to the shoulder, instead of stretching out.


* Dai-yokujo (大浴場, shared bath)


  There are many common baths called Dai-yokujo in Japan.  We can find those baths here and there as the local public bath.

  Also, many Japanese-styled accommodations, especially in the Onsen (温泉, hot springs) resort, have Dai-yokujo in addition to the private bath in each room.


  Users are required to share a big bath-tub in the Dai-yokujo.



  Usually, water in the shared bath is hot unless several kinds of bath-tubs are prepared.


  Most places prepare the bath rooms for men and women separated, but a few places provide a large bath used by both gender together.


  Some places allow the guests to enter those bath rooms with the swimwear on, but most places do not.


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