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  The heartland of Japan had always been in the West until the Edo period began in 1603 (Edo is the old name of Tokyo).  Kyoto is well known as Japan’s capital during the Heian period.  But there is a 150 year exception in Japanese history known as the Kamakura period.


  In 1192, Yoritomo Minamoto 源頼朝 was appointed Shogun-General and started ruling all of Japan.  Their capital, which began as a small village not so far from modern Tokyo, became known as Kamakura.  Minamoto’s descendants governed Japan until losing power in 1333, when the political center moved back to Kyoto.


  That eastern place has been called "The Capital of Bushi-warriors".  Kamakura's warriors were so unaffected and vigorous without becoming like nobility, they left a little different atmosphere to this city than we now feel in other ancient cities built by the noble people.


  These days, that city is one of the most famous tourist spots in the greater Tokyo area -- it is just an hour by train from the city and many residents the metropolitan area frequently take day trips to the scenic city that has become famous for being the home of more than 150 ancient temples and shrines.  


  Kamakura has many other attractions, including unique stores and restaurants with a local flavor appreciated by residents and visitors alike. The owners' stories provide a kind of local history not found in guidebooks.


Visit Kamakura Stores.com introduces those stores.


  Each store explains its service and recommends some tourist spots in its neighborhood from the view point of the locals.


The whole city is a place of healing.


  Kamakura has wide open beaches, sweeping views of the Pacific from many of its temples, shrines, and hiking trails in deep-forested mountains with streams enjoyable in every season.  You can easily spend several day enjoying the city, as well as the natural scenic spots out surround it.

  Some of these places are well-known internationally, others especially recommended by Kamakura residents.


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Official traveler's guide

These official multilingual websites provide useful information for Kamakura travel.


Kamakura City Tourist Association



- Access to Kamakura -

(in the association's website)



Visit Kamakura (Kamakura City)



Kamakura visitor's guide



Kamakura Welcome Guides

 (Certified by Kamakura City Tourist Association)


Quiet and Active

  Kamakura fans often recommend a stroll around the city.

  It's a fun to take some quiet streets and find your favorite scenery along them, while it's surely good to walk down the popular and lively streets.

  A variety of activities..

Marine sports

Mountain Hiking

Zen meditation

  Walk route  


Check the check box Major/Other Walk route in the map.








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